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(Curriculum vitae)

(B. 1938, Tchita, Russia, East Siberia); Ph.D. equivalent, 1965, Irkutsk University; D.Sc., 1970, St. Petersburg (Leningrad) University; Head of Laboratory, Irkutsk Inst. Org. Chem., USSR Ac. Sc., 1970; Professor, 1974. Vice-Director, 1990; Director, 1994, Irkutsk Inst. Org. Chem. (now Inst. Chem.), Russ. Ac. Sc., 2015, Head of research of the institute.

Corresponding Member, Russ. (former USSR) Ac. Sc, 1990.

Full Member, Russ. Ac. Sc., 2000.


Asia-Pacific Ac. of Materials, 1997.

Honorary Fellow of Florida Center For Heterocyclic Compounds, 1998.

Presidium, Irkutsk Scientific Center, Russian Ac. Sc., 1990;

Presidium, East Siberian Scientific Center, Russian Ac. Medical Sc., 1994;

Council of Experts of the Supreme Commision on Scientific Qualification, 1999;

National Committee of Russian Chemists, 1999;

Bureau of Scientific Council on Organic and Elemento-Organic Chemistry, Russ. Ac. Sc., 2000;

Council of the section “Organic Chemistry” of D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, 2001;

Scientific Council of International Research Center of Energy Infrastructure “Asia-Energy”, 2003.

Edit. Board: Zh. Organ. Khim. (Russia); Journal of Sulfur Chemistry (Canada); Chemistry of heterocyclic compounds (Latvia).

Areas of research interest: organic synthesis based on acetylene and its derivatives; organic chemistry of phosphorus, sulfur, selenium and tellurium (new reactions, general methods, polymers); chemistry of heterocyclic compounds; chemistry and physical chemistry of vinyl and allenyl ethers, -sulfides, polysulfides, -selenides, -tellurides, -phosphines, -phosphine oxides, -azoles; addition reactions to the multiple bonds; superbase catalysts and reagents.

Major accomplishments:

1. Development of the superbasicity concept and systematic application of superbase catalysts and reagents in the chemistry of acetylene, heterocyclic compounds, organic compounds of phosphorus, sulfur, selenium and tellurium, new general reactions and methods for the synthesis of organic and elementoorganic compounds (e.g., the Trofimov reaction — one stage synthesis of pyrroles from ketoxines and acetylene; the Trofimov-Gusarova reaction — synthesis of organophosphorus compounds directly from elemental phosphorus).

2. Novel commercially feasible syntheses of polyfunctional monomers, intermediates and building blocks for organic synthesis, organosulfur polymers, epoxy resins, cross-linking agents, ion-exchangers, extractants, surfactants, corrosion inhibitors, fuel additives, electroconducting, redox and photosensitive polymers, organic electrolytes, pharmaceuticals, flavors and flagrances, pesticides.

Author of 43 monographs and chapters in monographs, 70 reviews, over 1300 major papers (full list of publications outnumbers 2700 including more than 540 Russian and foreign patents). Promoter of 89 Ph. D. and 29 D. Sc. (habilitations) belonging to his school.

Total citation index is 7943, Hirsch index — 32 (Web of Sciences).


Government Medal “For Dedicated Working Activity” (1971);

Gold (1979), Silver (1987) and two Bronze (1972, 1978) Medals for inventing activity (from Exhibition of the USSR Achievements in National Economy);

“Basic Research in Siberian Chem. Sc.”, (1984); “Applied Research in Siberian Chem. Sc.”, (1985); “Basic Research in Siberian Chem. Sc.”, (1990);

Government Decoration “Sign of Honor” (1986);

Butlerov Prize of Russian Ac. Sc., (1997);

Prize of International Academic Publishing Company “Nauka” for the best publications in “Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry” (1997)

Prize of International Academic Publishing Company “Nauka” for the best publications in “Doklady Chemistry” (1998)

Government Decoration “Order of Friendship” (1999);

Medal and Diploma of Mendeleev Reader (St. Petersburg), (2003);

Prize of International Academic Publishing Company “Nauka” for the best publications in “Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry” (2005);

Prize of International Academic Publishing Company “Nauka” for the best publications in “Russian Journal of General Chemistry” (2007);

“A. N. Kost” Medal awarded by International Fund “Scientific Partnership”, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, D.I. Mendeleev Russian Chemical Society, (2008);

Professor Emeritus of Chemical Department of St.-Petersburg State University, (2011);

Winner of the State Prize of The Russian Federation for the great contribution to organic synthesis, development of innovation technologies, drug design and creation of novel materials (2012);

A.N. Nesmeyanov Prize of Russian Ac. Sc., for the work "Novel general method of the P-C bond formation using elemental phosphorus and superbase systems: chlorine-free one-pot method for the synthesis of organophosphorus compounds (2012);

Honorary citizen of Irkutsk region (2012).

International activity:

Plenary lectures, 1982, Int. Symp. Org. Chem. Sulfur, England, Bangor; 1984, 1989, Hauptjahrestag. Chem. Gesel. DDR, Dresden, Chemnitz; 1992, 4th Japan-Russian Symposium on Mechanochemistry, Japan, Nagoya; 1994, FSU — USA Workshop on Org. Synth., USA, Stanford — Palo-Alto; Int. Symp. Org. Chem. Sulfur, Germany, Merseburg; 1999, 17th Int. Congr. on Heterocycl. Chem., Austria, Vienna; 2000, 1th Florida Conf. on Heterocycl. Comp., USA, Gainesville.

Invited lectures, 1996, 13th IUPAC Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, Korea, Inchon; 1997, 10th European Symposium on Organic Chemistry, Switzerland, Basel; 2002, Int. Symp. Org. Chem. Sulfur, USA, Flagstaff.

Section lectures, 1988, Int. Symp. Org. Chem. Sulfur, Denmark, Odense; 1995, Int. Conf. Phosph. Chem., Israel, Jerusalem.

Guest lectures, USA (Provo, 1991, 2000; Salt Lake City, Logan, Gainesville, 1991; New York, 1994; Indianapolis, 1995); The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Deventer, 1992; Eindhoven, 1995; Geleen, 1996); Germany (Heidelberg, Tuebengen, Erlangen, 1992; Ludwigshafen, 1996, 1997, 1998); France (Paris, Cachan, 2003); India (Delhi, Madras, Jaipur, Hyderabad, 1988, 1990); Hungary, 1987; Czechoslovakia, 1988; Mongolia, 1983.

Consulting, 1994 — 2003. (Moltech. Corp., USA; Sion Power Corp., USA; Moltech Satellite Technology Group, UK; BASF, Germany; Samsung, Korea).



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